Tom Silvan

Tom Silvan & the Curtin Student Guild

The WAIT Student Guild was established in November 1968 and the first Guild Council took office on February the following year with Tom Silvan, a pharmacy student, as President.

In the years since the Guild has grown to become a key voice for students, advocating for their academic rights and representation in university decision making, as well as for improved facilities, amenities and support services.

The Guild has also itself provided a significant range of services for students including sporting and recreation activities, cafes and other food and commercial outlets, mainly on the Bentley campus.

Over the past 50 years the Guild has also broadened its scope and now represents students on all Curtin campuses and has specific representation for international, postgraduate, Queer, Indigenous, Women and disabled students.

Today, all Curtin students are automatically members of the Student Guild when they enrol and Curtin staff can join as Associate members.

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