Our Leaders

Professor Lance Twomey, Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University of Technology, 1997–2006.

As head of Curtin’s School of Physiotherapy and then Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Twomey knew the organisation well. He continued to move the University towards academic excellence when he became vice-chancellor, outlining his vision to make Curtin a ‘world-class university of technology.’ His emphasis on growing an international strategy was a key part of his vision, as was his focus on teaching excellence.  He created two new Deputy Vice-Chancellor positions to cover these key portfolios.  Curtin’s first offshore campus, Sarawak, was also established during his tenure. 

Twomey also fostered a strong sense of social equity at Curtin, promoting women to higher management positions, promoting the University’s multicultural mix and strongly encouraging access by Aboriginal students and other disadvantaged groups. Under his watch, the landscaping at the main campus was significantly enhanced, providing an enormous sense of pride to staff and students and impressing the University’s many visitors. He retired after a decade at the helm.