Our Leaders

Professor John Maloney, Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University of Technology, 1988–1997.

With a background in atomic physics and international research experience exploring the interactions between the biological and physical sciences, Maloney cut short his research work to take up vice-chancellor’s position at Curtin. Having taken on the leadership role at a time of decreasing federal funding for students, he turned his attention to international horizons, establishing fruitful Asian markets, especially for Curtin’s business courses. He also honed a more strategic research approach, creating the important position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development and expanding the profile of graduate studies. Under his leadership, the John Curtin Centre building project would take shape, creating an impressive physical heart for the main Bentley campus and important new cultural and historical resources for the community in the form of the John Curtin Gallery and the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (the nation’s first such prime ministerial library). He would leave, however, just before the Centre opened to take up a senior position at Monash University.