Aminath Riyaz

Curtin is my second home

Curtin is my second home. My research experience is linked to Curtin with my MPhil completed during 2007 to 2008. Working with Dr Kerry Smith on my research is an experience I cherish and am grateful for. The yarns with fellow researchers in our cosy research office is something I miss. During both years as an international student, I also worked as a casual professional staff at the Curtin Library. I feel so honoured to having had that opportunity. It was a wonderful experience and I gained great insights into the buzz within the back office of university library operations. In 2009 I headed back to my humble tiny country, the Maldives, with my newly developed skill set, a brand new qualification that put me ahead of many others, and a boost in my self-confidence to conquer the world. I, in fact did conquer my world. The years that followed went in a frenzy and I take pride in the contributions I made to the development of the library profession in the Maldives. Curtin deserves a large portion of the credits for who I am.

Now, I am back in Curtin again as Curtin deemed myself as a worthy recipient of the Curtin Strategic International Research Scholarship commencing 2014, to follow through my research ambition to complete a PhD. Additionally, in the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of serving Curtin as a Library Student Assistant, as a Research Assistant, as a Records Project Officer, and now as Education and Training Officer at RIM. There is no end to my gratitude to Curtin University.

Aminath Riyaz