Amy Bowater

I am still excited about what my future at Curtin might hold

I started my Curtin journey in 2001 as an undergraduate student studying Forensic Science and have been at Curtin ever since. I have been very fortunate to have had experience in a wide variety of staff and student roles during this time.
During my undergraduate degree, it really struck me how passionate many of my lecturers were about what they were teaching, and how they engaged with students. Then, during my postgraduate years, I had the opportunity to do sessional work with the team of staff that delivered teaching in Chemistry and it was amazing.

My passion for working at Curtin was amplified by the opportunity to work in this team of supportive people, who were committed to quality and excellence in teaching delivery. It instilled in me the power of a positive workplace culture, leadership and how our work contributed to the educational experience of students and through this to the community.

Wanting to remain at Curtin, I used my experiences to gain a professional role and undertake further study, achieving a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety Management. I have since had the opportunity to progress my career and specialise in chemical safety. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have received at Curtin and after 16 years here, I am still excited about what my future at Curtin might hold.

Amy Bowater