Curtin has been an excellent place to study

I first started out at Curtin as a Health Promotion student in 2011. I studied on campus for my first semester, but later switched to external study for the flexibility it allowed me. By studying externally I had the opportunity to work with fabulous people from every corner of the state and Australia, whether it be through Skype or our chats on Blackboard. Although it could be a challenge at times, it was always interesting to meet and collaborate with people from such diverse backgrounds who shared a passion for achieving health equity in the community. Even as an external student, I was able to get practical, hands-on experience in Health Promotion which has been invaluable in creating new opportunities for me. The best example of this was my 100 hour practical placement at the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA [PHAIWA] and McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth.

Since graduating last semester, I have received a Health Promotion Graduate Scholarship from the Australian Health Promotion Association (WA branch) in collaboration with Healthway. I have begun my 6 month scholarship project at PHAIWA researching sports sponsorship in WA. Curtin has been an excellent place to study and begin my career as a health professional. I feel very lucky to be able to come to work everyday and be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they are doing and making a real difference.

Ashleigh Parnell