I help generate significant economic resources for my country

In 1995, The Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia granted me a scholarship to study a postgraduate course in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy at Curtin University’s WASM in Kalgoorlie W.A. due to the school’s global recognition in the field of mining and mineral processing.

The school’s high academic level produces competent professionals, and its strategic location promotes a unique multicultural environment. One of the experiences that most impacted me during my time at Curtin University was to see the mix of Western culture and Eastern culture working together for common goals that resulted in a smart way to solve problems and develop research.

The knowledge acquired together with the discipline and responsibility promoted by the university has allowed me to work successfully in the fields of geosciences and mineral processing for more than 20 years. I have won four international awards in interlaboratory programs on characterization of geological materials and have participated in geological and mineral exploration projects with the Colombian Geological Service, which currently generate significant economic resources for my country.

I will always be grateful for excellent lecturers like Eric Grimsey, Don Ibana, Richard Browner, Denis Yan and Martin Humphreys, who with their teachings marked my academic and professional life by enhancing my analytical skills.

Curtin University helped make my dreams come true and I’m proud to be a member of the WASM graduate association of this prestigious university.

Carlos Espitia