Curtin has given me a great experience and I hope to come back soon

Curtin helped me to be more confident, more sociable and open minded. I have met such amazing friends there, friends for life. I learned how to be more productive on my job, how to be more creative and the most important thing how to relate with people from different backgrounds. Apart from my amazing friends the professors are amazing people and with high quality standards of education. My professors were the most helpful, kind and an inspiration for what I’m doing now. They encouraged me to be more patient, hard-working and persistent to accomplish my goals and to love so much more what I do. I will always remember two specific professors Alyson Blyth and Chris Elders, maybe they don’t know but they touched my life.

Something I always remember from Curtin is that it has so many different activities to make your time at the University more pleasant: sports, student groups, theatre, music and what I enjoyed the most; Curtin Volunteers. It was an amazing experience, I love it! The time you share with other students and the opportunity to do something good to help someone else, I don’t have words to describe the feeling. One word is happiness.

Curtin has given me a great experience and I hope to come back soon, say hello and thank them for the happiest and most unforgettable moments of my life.

Carolina Martinez Mendoza