Daniel Evans

Without my Curtin experiences I may never have gotten the opportunity

I studied communications at Curtin University with International Relations, Politics and History minors.

At the time, I was and still am heavily involved in the world football community and as such did not have a great attendance record!

Curtin University afforded me the flexibility to finish my study while playing and coaching football which is my true passion. My favourite subject was Radio with Les Welsh and International Relations with Chris Hubbard (though it was hard to pick).

Being involved on Radio Fremantle and other West Australian stations to talk about the world game and much more has allowed me to combine my passion and my tertiary qualifications. Without my Curtin experiences I may never have gotten the opportunity.

My current home of Berkshire County Western Massachusetts, USA has also presented me with a chance to spend time on air with Live 94.5! Regular guest slots on the breakfast show continue to present a chance to talk on air and meet great people in both the industry and community. For me, Curtin University was a place to acquire knowledge formally and informally while allowing me to fulfil my work commitments.

My only formal journalism experience was when Football West required a media coordinator years ago. Combining my playing and coaching I was able to recruit several journalists who now work in the media full time. Their presence has benefitted our game and hopefully helped them on their path in their professional careers. Though I rarely used my degree formally, it enabled me to further enhance my ability to communicate in my chosen industry and for that I am incredibly grateful for all those who put up with me at the college!

Happy 50th Curtin University!

Daniel Evans