Danielle Dinse - Alumna of Curtin University

My degree helped me launch a global career

My degree helped me launch a global career as a technology transformation specialist in Banking and Telecommunications, most recently returning to Perth in 2015.

I applaud Curtin for enabling me to enrol even though my TEE score was lower than the minimum and this was due to home and family difficulties. I’ve ‘paid that forward’, as I support and mentor in various programs.

When enrolling I knew I didn’t want to build computers, but writing programs and understanding how business systems work was more fun. Upon graduating the IT field was expanding rapidly and I moved from programming into Software Testing, Project Management, Service Delivery, Management and most recently Consulting and Board roles.

My strongest memory was the support and facilities at Curtin while completing my degree. Being on campus in the 80s was essential for completing assignments, labs, and classes. Some great bonding and vending machine dinners with my classmates; the gym and green lawns; taking two bags filled with books with me to campus before e-books!

Danielle Dinse