Gemma Crawford

I am privileged to work with great people who are engaged in the contemporary public health discourse

My first visit at Curtin was at age 17 when my flatmate started her degree here and I was studying on the other side of the river. At that time the campus was still a bit of a concrete jungle, but my flatmate used to rave about the practical nature of her study, something I felt was lacking in my studies. In 2001 I started at Curtin as a postgraduate student undertaking several cross-institutional units.

Fast forward several years and I happened across a course that spoke to me for both its grounding in the real world and its passionate and experienced academics with significant collective industry experience. In 2004 I commenced studying a Master in Heath Promotion and haven’t broken my connection with the University since. In 2006 I took up a role as a sessional academic whilst working full time and in 2009 was offered a position as a Health Promotion teaching and research academic whilst undertaking my PhD.

Over the last decade I have undertaken roles in teaching, health promotion and public health course coordination and a range of research, first through the Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research and then later the Collaboration for Evidence, Research and Impact in Public Health. Every day is different. I am privileged to work with great people who are engaged in the contemporary public health discourse. I have established enduring relationships at Curtin and been fortunate to meet students and staff from around the globe both here and through many international adventures.

With one foot still in industry I have been able to see our students grow and mature in to great world citizens ready to tackle the significant public health challenges of the 21st century. I am proud that our team here at Curtin has contributed to their journey.

Gemma Crawford