I continue to make a global impact but in a different way

I started studying at Curtin in 1990 at the School of Biomedical Sciences. During the 3rd year of my Medical Sciences program, I undertook an internship at Royal Perth Hospital in the Department of Clinical Immunology. During this experience, I was part of a team that set up Western Australia’s first Bone Marrow registry. Being an enthusiastic student, I wanted to volunteer to become one of the first registrants. It was the start of Western Australia’s contribution to this registry that would become Worldwide. I included myself to make up the first people in WA to do this. >>Fast forward 23 Years>>. I was working back at Curtin. I received a phone call from the Red Cross Blood Service out of the blue. “Is this Gordon….?” the conversation went. The service had tracked me down. I was a match for a 7-year old girl in the USA. She matched my tissue type and was in need of a marrow transplant. Sadly, I was excluded for medical screening reasons. But at that moment I knew that my connection to Curtin all those years ago had a made a Global impact. Today my role is much different to then.

Working at Curtin in Learning Technology I know that I continue to make a global impact but in a different way.

Gordon Cunningham