Hana Byambadash

I took Curtin’s skills back to my teaching job in Mongolia

I studied at Curtin Business School, Curtin University of Technology from 1999-2002. My study was a Master Degree in International Business. As an international student from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia I was not familiar with many things here in Australia. For example: learning environment, university campus, accommodation, left hand road rules (Mongolia has right hand rules), weather nice and warm, students from all over the world. By that time we were told Curtin has 25,000 students both local and international. Lucky, there were 2 more students from Mongolia. It made my adjustment so smoothly and we were happy to study together at Curtin University.

The reason I choose to study at Curtin was I had an opportunity to came to Perth the previous year in 1998. Curtin University has implemented an education project in Mongolia. As a result of this there was a Curtin run Residential Program here in Perth for university lecturers from Mongolia. I was one of them. As a university lecturer in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia I was seeking opportunities to improve my teaching skills while I’m studying the Master of International Business. During my study at Curtin, I used to think during the tutorials and lectures “I see, this is a better way of teaching. I should use similar ways of teaching when I return to my teaching job at University of Science and Technology, Mongolia”.

Curtin people who inspired me are Dr. Pamela Hedges, Prof Samir Chatterjee, Dr. John Simpson. Dr. Pamela Hedges taught my “Cross-cultural Communication unit”. I really enjoyed studying this unit. She made us talk to each other and share our cultural values, talk about Australian culture, and work together doing some research on cross cultural communication.

Hana Byambadash