John Fawcett

It’s all about making the impossible, possible

As a John Curtin medalist, I greatly appreciate being part of the Curtin University story, particularly in view of the practical and innovative focus of Curtin and its predecessor, WAIT.

Those involved in the foundation of Curtin University demonstrated creativity that now lives on, to inspire staff, students and all those associated with the institution.

I believe that great importance needs to be placed on a creative approach to life in general and that the scope of creativity extends to all human activities. Passion develops with commitment and endeavour, and feeds the very energy of existence.

The challenge of the impossible stimulates the creativity in all of us. The impossible is a challenge and involves giving of one’s self by accepting the challenge.

The first part of my life involved giving in a visually creative way. Now, this part of my life is just as creative and impossible.

It’s all about making the impossible possible. Giving sight to the cataract blind* is an enormously creative act; it is a rebirth.

*John is the Founder of the John Fawcett Foundation

John Fawcett AM