Thank you Curtin University for a fantastic start to my life as a Registered Nurse

I joined Curtin University as an international student from Kenya and graduated with a BSc(Nursing) in 2006. The skills and exposure to the WA health system that I got through the Nursing School have been a great foundation for my career as a Transplant Nurse.

I have been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the last seven years doing the most exciting and satisfying job ever! I love my job! My greatest gratitude to my lecturers, who made every effort to encourage and influence me to be the best I could be and trained me up to be open minded while achieving a global mindset.

I most sincerely enjoyed my Safari through Curtin, these were the best years of my life where I made great friends and awesome moments. My greatest moments were created on Friday afternoons chilling with my colleagues, friends and acquaintances, unwinding at the Tavern after a long week of hard work.

I miss those good old days.

Thank you Curtin University for a fantastic great start in my life as a Registered Nurse.

Lucy Kiiru