Thank you Curtin!

I looked down from our helicopter as we hovered in front of the John Curtin Centre, waving at our friends on the lawn in front of the Lake – the place where we had just made our vows and cut our wedding cake with a long silver sword. I could see a tiny Kangaroo joey hopping around the feet of our guests and the 2 Landrover wedding vehicles parked by the lake…

But, hang on I’ve gotten ahead of myself. It all began when I was playing volleyball in a squash court at Curtin when a gorgeous, sporty blond lass walked onto the court to join the game and I thought wow! It was the 4th of July 2001 and that’s when the fireworks started for us. Well, it started for me anyway – took a little while for Tiffany to get with the program. 😉

Turned out she had been working in the same department as I for the previous 4 years (curse you huge sprawling campus!). So we got to know each other and wouldn’t you know it, we were both Apple Mac geeks, both owned 4WDs, loved camping, played musical instruments at our local churches, loved SciFi, played competitive sports, loved sailing… We later wrote down all our similarities in a spreadsheet and gave up after we passed 60 lines!

Something was telling us we might just be meant for each other… that or we were identical twins separated at birth and one of us had undergone gender re-assignment!

We have now been married for 16 years and have a beautiful young daughter and yes, we both still enjoy working at Curtin and our buildings are a fair bit closer together than used to be the case. Kind of like our hearts really.

Thank you Curtin!

Martin Hill