Natalie Gasson

This is what I love about Curtin

I have seen a lot of change at Curtin since starting here as a tutor in 1991. Technology is the most obvious one (from blackboards & chalk to the online environments and teaching technologies we have today is incredible to reflect on). Being a student has changed too. As a student of Curtin myself in the 80s (see pic below) I remember hanging around between classes, talking with friends, discussing life, politics, and our studies.

My favourite memories involve sitting under trees and eating lunch (Chiko Rolls from the Main Café) while having extremely in-depth conversations about issues of the day. We were networking and collaborating without even realising it. Today’s students seem so much busier, so much more frantic, and I wish they could know study as it was when I was a student. But I think the place activation strategy of today’s Curtin is, to some extent, encouraging students to spend more time on campus, to participate in extra-curricular activities, to be an active participant in the community. This is what I love about Curtin.

Natalie's 80s photo

Natalie Gasson