My Master in Mineral Economics has been a strong support to my career development

I graduated with a Master in Science (Mineral Economics) in 2008. This program has been a strong support to my career development, enabling me to lead teams of experts, and also gave me the adequate tools for establishing fluent interactions with the executive corporate levels.

Currently my role is to discover new mineral resources in Chile, aiming to replace those that have been already mined by the Operating Divisions, and also to identify growth opportunities to be incorporated into the Corporate Business Plans of Codelco.

Codelco is the most important copper production company in the world. Being a state owned company, all the revenue belongs to the State; therefore all workers contribute in a direct way to the country´s development.

The discovery of new resources, outside Chile, is also part of my job and that is an opportunity for the international growth of my company.

Curtin program was a complement to my current career-projection and it was a course that could provide me with the required competences and abilities for participating in the whole and integrated mining business.

Besides the excellent level and curricula of the teaching staff and course outline, it provided me the opportunity to share with students from different parts of the world and with different backgrounds and interests.

My desire is to return to the academic world, where I believe I could contribute in the formation and education of the next generation of geoscientists. Most of all, I am motivated by being able to give everything what is within my capabilities to increment the opportunities for development of my country.

Roberto Rodrigo Freraut Contreras