Curtin University has helped me to fulfill my dream

Curtin University has helped me to fulfill my dream…

Indeed, it has been my long cherished wish that provides utmost delight and happiness for me and my family. Furthering your own studies might even be the most priceless gift that you can give to yourself and boost your self-confidence and self-worth immensely. It is never too late to study but with perseverance and great determination, you can achieve and boost your overall well-being.

I started with my Diploma in Business Management and then carried on with my Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing. I completed my Master in International Business last year in June 2016. It was a wonderful experience to handle my work and my studies at the same time. I made it with good time management! I have very much enjoyed my time studying, preparing the reports and particularly working on the research projects. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to my lecturers at Curtin University – Mauritius Branch as well as support from Curtin University in Australia.

Thank you Curtin University!

Saraswaty Ramnauth