We are a family of WAIT and Curtin graduates

I have done a full circle from a Curtin student in 80’s to a Curtin staff member this year. I lived at Vickery House when it first opened, and I now live locally once again. I have studied and worked at 6 other universities which has taken me from WA to Queensland and back. I started teaching Indonesian language, conducting teacher PD and academic staff development, teaching with technology (and a related PhD), and now I essentially enable university teachers in teaching with technology.

We are a family of WAIT and Curtin graduates: my dad completed his Engineering degree at WAIT (mature age), mum completed her Education degree at Curtin, and my sister and I started at WAIT and finished at Curtin.

I am a graduate of Asian Studies majoring in Indonesian. While a student at Curtin I participated in my second exchange to Indonesia with the Australian Indonesian Youth Exchange program. At the time it was the only institution in WA with Indonesian studies and it allowed me to learn so much that I enjoyed. I became a teacher and lecturer of Indonesian, then provided professional development to teachers and now to the field of tertiary eLearning.

I remember a kind of concreteness in the physical environment, a student common room with disgusting wine and cheese sundowners, souvlakis at the tavern, assignments typed on a typewriter with a lot of whiteout, being one of few students of Indonesian, and one of many studying Japanese, of fascinating studies in Asian history, anthropology, and sociolinguistics.

Now the gardens are beautiful and inviting, and beanbags everywhere! And I feel like I’m back home.

Shannon Johnston