Steve Monterosso

My memories of people and personalities are plentiful

What a journey

From my first day as a student in Semester 1, 1983 to my present day position as a member of the academic staff, Curtin (and WAIT previously) has been a most significant part of my life.

Apart from a Masters degree all of my qualifications are from Curtin including a recently completed doctorate. The memories of people and personalities are plentiful while the buildings and the surrounding grounds in particular have changed remarkably and for the better-it truly was a ‘concrete jungle’ in those days as UWA students were known to remark. The architecture and grounds are now quite superb with a fantastic ambience. I can still remember easily finding a car park on that first day of Semester 1 in front of what were then the squash courts right next to my building! More importantly, the people within have made Curtin what it is today which will no doubt continue into the future. Many of my lecturers and tutors during those long ago student days have now become colleagues and friends.

Dr Stephen Monterosso, Curtin Law School

Stephen Monterosso