Curtin has been an amazing springboard for many things in my life

I originally came to Curtin University as a STUDENT and ultimately left as a STAFF MEMBER.

I was selected as an Ambassador from the United States on behalf of Rotary International to spend a year overseas and build goodwill and connections between Australia and the US.

I received a generous Ambassadorial Scholarship from the Rotary Foundation and completed a Master’s Degree in Leadership (in the Business Discipline) offered through the Curtin Graduate School of Business. Through a series of good fortunes, connections and a very tedious (and competitive) scholarship application process, I was THEN awarded the Endeavour Award – Doctoral Scholarship which funded my entire PhD.

This pursuit led to many connections within the University including the original creation and design of the JCLA program (along with Dr Ian Fairnie, David Platt and Curtin Alumni- Nathan Low).

Ironically, over a series of years working and teaching at the Curtin Graduate School of Business I was eventually appointed as the DIRECTOR of the Master of Business Leadership Program (basically going full circle from a product OF the program to helping contribute TO the program). Many great students completed that degree (the MBL); and all of them were incredibly motivated, smart and committed.

The program was a great catalyst for several Executive Education interventions as well and we did some amazing Leadership Development work over several years under the “Curtin Executive Education” banner.

I have an imprint on my life from Curtin that is certainly much more significant than I would have ever dreamed possible…and yet when I was with Curtin – taking any OTHER path would have seemed impossible.

My experiences and learning with this institution have been incredible and the value of my involvement with this University has been an amazing springboard for sooo many other things in my life…

Troy Hendrickson