In her address to the invited guests, Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry described the bold actions and attitudes of our early innovators that have helped set Curtin up for its success and briefly outlined the contribution of each of the 22 history makers to this journey.

While many of our earliest history makers are no longer with us, their families were thrilled to see them honoured in this way. Fine bone china versions of the coffee cups and smaller, framed versions of the campus posters were gifted to the history makers and their families.

You can find out more about our history makers here and view the event gallery here.

Emeritus Professor Jo Barker, Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry, David Waddell, Amy Mogridge, Emeritus Professor Laurie Hegvold and Emeritus Professor Margaret Nowak at Curtin's History-Makers Event
History makers Emeritus Professor Jo Barker (far left), Emeritus Professor Laurie Hegvold (second from right) and Emeritus Professor Margaret Nowak (far right) with Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry, David Waddell and Amy Mogridge.