Di Cai

I appreciated the university’s deep and strong values very much

I joined Curtin Sarawak as an undergraduate commerce student. I appreciated the University’s deep and strong values very much. I could study with many approachable, friendly, passionate, dedicated and qualified lecturers and tutors, and take up leadership opportunities in my personal development and education. Throughout my studies, I have equipped myself with plenty of knowledge and skills that are needed in the business field. The high quality of education and the encouraging learning environment are so awesome.

Curtin Sarawak has provided me an excellent platform to learn. I have become more confident, self-motivated, self-disciplined, resilient, driven and analytical. I have taken on various leadership positions for a wide array of campus activities and events. I am more ready for my future career. These experiences have enabled me to balance my personal growth socially, emotionally, intellectually and professionally.

Curtin Sarawak has definitely provided me the best education. I love the smaller class sizes, which makes my study experience a great one. The positive university transformation, the different teaching methods, the high quality of teaching and the obvious enjoyment made my university life most worthwhile. I can gain exposure to an international setup in preparation for the real and increasingly globalized world. I strongly recommend Curtin Sarawak to future students. Make tomorrow better.

Di Cai