Many students are still my good friends

My first degree was an Associateship in Art Teaching at WAIT. I then later returned to complete a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts) at Curtin. I lived towards Canning Bridge so it was an easy journey to uni that I took every day. My best memories are of lots of great students in the visual arts, film & TV and theatre who were my peers I studied and partied with. Many are still my good friends.

Tertiary education was free so there were many inspiring minds that may not have been able to otherwise afford this education or take worthwhile risks with their assessments each semester. Students had diversity; of skills, aptitudes, beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Lecturers who inspired me most at the time were Ben Joel, Mike Kusnick and Ted Snell. Now I have a Master of Education and lecture at a university focusing on the arts, critical pedagogy and educational psychology.

I also co-write and present research on archaeoastronomy by Lynda Nutter, another x-WAIT student of the arts. Research data indicates Chinese astronomers visited Australia at the dawn of the Yuan Dynasty; as part of the Nanhai Four Seas Meridian Survey to witness the transit of Venus in A.D. 1275.

Story photo: Lynda Nutter and Jill Thompson-White in the field at Dengfeng’s Yuan Dynasty observatory, China, 31 May 2016.

Jill Thompson-White